DiSC Phone System

DiSC is a self managed, cloud based phone system, which has been purpose built to be integrated with iCabbi, with exclusive features which other phone systems cannot provide. It has the flexibility to fit all sized companies / fleets and can provide multi fleet management and multi languages.


Key Features and Benefits


  • More efficient management of every call into your business
  • Capable of automating over 50% of calls into your business
  • Give passengers real time information on the location of their taxi
  • Allow calls between driver and passenger, and passenger direct to driver
  • Drive down ‘no-shows’ and enhance customer service
  • Fully cloud-based, manage your business and answer calls from any location in the world
  • Low, affordable monthly cost.


IVR – Automated Call Taker


Interactive Voice Response (IVR) answers your calls and uses Caller ID to suggest the most popular pickup places for customers to automatically make bookings using their telephone keypad.


You can have as many customers using IVR as you have phone lines, without any need to wait for an operator to answer the call, although customers can talk to a human operator at any time.


Taxi companies using IVR have achieved up to 50% automation, requiring fewer operators to take calls, which in turn reduces staffing costs considerably.


Remote Operator Access


One of the core benefits of a cloud system is the ability to have your operators access your iCabbi system from anywhere on the planet, as long as you have an internet connection.  


Take calls from anywhere using a standard headset that is connected directly to the computer that you’re accessing iCabbi from.   




View your entire organisation on a single web screen in real-time, showing the current status of every operator, wherever they are.  See how many calls are active, waiting or in IVR together with statistics for the entire day.


Ideal for distributed operation where operators are located in different offices or even different Countries.  Everyone can see the big picture, especially managers, even if they’re at home or away from the office.


EiVA – Evolving Intelligent Voice Assistant


With EiVA you can manage more bookings, cut your costs and increase your profits.


Similar to Siri, Alexa or Ok Google, EiVA is a new intelligent voice assistant that listens and understands the caller.  Process bookings from first-time callers and automatically create bookings and remember the customer details for the future.


EiVA knows every address and location stored in your system and will effortlessly understand and suggest likely matches to the caller.  Highly configurable, our implementation team will tailor how EiVA interacts with your customers, providing the best user experience that maximises business and automation levels.


Booking with EiVA (speech recognition) hugely reduces the number of calls presented to operators, capturing not just the pickup point, but also the customer’s name and destination, as well as allowing a customer to cancel their booking.


ABOP – Automated Back On the Phone


ABOP provides customers with realtime information on their current taxi bookings, with ETAs, vehicle details, driver connect, along with the option to cancel and release pre bookings.  Customer’s who ring after a booking has been placed, will automatically be presented with the ABOP service, although they always have the option to speak to a human operator.


Arrival Callback


Designed for customers that book using a landline, the arrival callback facility can be enabled, which will call the customer’s number when the driver arrives, playing a message that gives details of the vehicle that has just arrived to collect them.   For public locations, you can disable specific landline numbers from receiving a call.


Driver Connect


This feature seamlessly allows customers and drivers to connect with each other without the need of an operator, even recording the conversation between both parties.


Easy to use, communication between driver and customer is centralised through a single number of your choice, which means both the driver and custom Caller ID is never revealed to either party.


Phone Lines


Add as many phone numbers and lines as you require using the latest SIP technology and because DiSC is in the cloud, there is no installation process.  SIP lines are virtual and can normally be increased within minutes of placing an order with your SIP provider.


Furthermore, you are no longer restricted to receiving calls in a geographical location.  You could be based in London and have calls answered in Glasgow or Islamabad.


Virtual Phone


The DiSC RTC soft-phone operates on the same workstation that you use to access iCabbi and has a lifetime license, which is easily transferred to different workstations.


Using a standard USB microphone headset, you no longer need physical telephone handsets.  The headset simply connects to the DiSC telephone system through the workstation’s USB port, whilst the RTC soft-phone gives you all the features you would expect from a physical handset.


Auto Answer


Incoming calls are automatically put through to an available telephonist, providing a great customer experience which will dramatically reduce missed calls and increase business.


Listen Covertly


Management and trainers can listen into another operators calls without the caller or operator hearing anything.


Barge Assist


Barge Assist with provides the ability to speak to the agent whilst on a live call without the customer hearing.  Great for training purposes where the trainer isn’t even at the same location.


Pause with Logging


Call operators can pause at any time, stopping their headset from receiving calls, but what makes this extremely powerful is the fact that the operator must select a pause reason.  


Pause reasons can be configured as you wish and powerful reporting tools allow management to monitor pause times by reason category.


Call Recording


All incoming and outgoing calls can be recorded, allowing anybody with the appropriate access to listen to any call from anywhere.  You can quickly search for calls easily, allowing you to play or download a recording.




A great telephone system wouldn’t be complete with advanced reporting capabilities for each and every area of DiSC.  


Reporting Key Features


  • Queue statistics
  • IVR calls
  • APOB
  • Queue log
  • Driver connect calls
  • Company summary
  • Calls per hour
  • Call termination
  • Agent hangups
  • Missed offered calls
  • Missed calls
  • Call pickups
  • Agent summary
  • Pause reason summary